When it comes to home security, most of us are living in the illusion of high level security and consider our houses to be very safe. But in reality, our houses always need to be more secure than we think they are and for this reason, we need to avoid making some of the common home security mistakes. These mistakes could land us in trouble and may even lead to theft etc. to avoid this; you must keep from making these top 5 common home security mistakes:

1.      Not installing advanced electronic systems

If you are still living in the world where padlocks were the best security measure then you are making a major home security mistake.  These are the times when emergency lockout service in Annapolis and electronic systems are available and these offer a degree or security and safety. Make sure you contact a locksmith companies in Centreville today to get an advanced security system installed in your house.

2.      Failing to install a burglar alarm system

Another mistake related to home security that most of us make and must avoid is failing to install a good quality burglar alarm system. These systems inform us and raise an alarm when the boundaries or security of our houses have been compromised and help us take an action. Locksmiths can easily install such systems and help you secure your house better.

3.      Failing to put enough lighting inside and outside the house

Most thefts happen in houses whose exteriors are dark since burglars assume that homeowners aren’t at home. Failing to put enough lighting inside and outside the house could be a big home security mistake and must be avoided. Light exposes thieves and burglars to not only you but also to your neighbors and passer-bys.

4.      Failing to put locks on almirahs and other cabinets storing valuable items

It is important to lock not only main doors and room doors but also to have high quality lock systems on cabinets and doors that may have valuable items stored inside them. Failing to do so can lead to theft by those who you trust like your cleaning lady, repair person etc. make sure you contact a good locksmith today to upgrade the security of these cabinets.

5.      Failing to opt for cctv surveillance

An increasing number of crimes are being reported from those houses and office spaces where there is no CCTV surveillance or monitoring. Make sure you get a good system installed outside your house, on the entrance, in the parking space and garage etc. to avoid theft or to scare thieves away.

If you avoid making these mistakes, then chances of burglaries and thefts will be reduced by a great factor. It is important to stay in touch with a good locksmith in your neighborhood so as to avail emergency and other services. If you wish to contact one such locksmith, you can log on to Baldinos.
Top 5 home security mistakes you must avoid making